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Defying the Odds!

What is Character? This is Character…

To say the members of the Chicopee Boys Soccer program have the Character, Desire and Determination necessary to successfully compete year after year against these odds, would be an understatement! 

The members of the Chicopee Soccer program compete in the Top Division of Western Mass Soccer (we compete in the Smith Division and Comp, two lower, in the Moriarty). Our “Strength of Schedule” is less than only one other Western Mass High school soccer program. Our school has the tenth lowest enrollment as well as a school-wide athletic participation rate of less than 30% (Comp’s rate is less 25%). Our youth soccer system is just getting back on its feet after a decade of neglect and our incoming freshmen candidates are split between two high schools (unlike the vast majority of our competitors).    

Despite all of these challenges we continue to fight on and defy the odds! (Click here)




Let’s look at the Chicopee Boys Soccer Program, Western Mass. and City of Chicopee statistics and Paint a Picture!

Walker_System_Point_ValueLeagues & Division Alignments.

In Western Mass, all sports programs are grouped into “Leagues” according to the strength and competitiveness of the program. Each League has a point value assigned to help determine the Strength of Schedule. The Smith Division is a 5 pt league, Churchill a 4.5, etc. The Strength of Schedule is one of three factors used to determine Tournament seeding.

Chicopee moved up into the Smith Division from the Churchill Division in 2012 due to our superior winning percentage. The Smith Division is the strongest and most competitive division in Western Mass. Churchill Division teams had an opportunity to move into the Smith Division in December 2014; they declined!


2015_SOS_EnrollmentEnrollment & Strength of Schedule

School enrollment figures are complied from the MIAA website.

Listed are the boy student enrollment figures for 15 Western Mass High Schools.  The enrollment for each school includes all boys in grades 9 – 12.

The boys grade 9-12 school enrollment for Chicopee High School places us 10th down the list (much lower if participation rates are factored in), however we are at the very top of the list in terms of our Soccer Program “Strength of Schedule”. Only one other school in Western Mass plays a stronger strength of schedule than we do! Our match schedule is extremely competitive!

Enrollment figures are only used to determine which “State-Wide Tournament” a program will play in. They have no bearing on “league” placement. Schools with a large enrollment compete in the Division One State Tournament. In Western Mass., there are three “State Divisions” for Soccer; 1, 3 & 4.  State-wide there are four divisions; 1, 2, 3, 4, (there are no D-2 level teams in Western Mass).

Although enrollment figures are only used to determine a “State-Wide Tournament” placement, they can also be used to help gauge the number of candidates a school sports program can draw from. Suburban centered schools also have a much higher participation rate (which is a significant multiplier) than urban-centered schools such as ours. (96% of our overall game schedule and 100% of our Smith Division games are played against “suburban” centered schools)



2015_Wmass Stats

Tournament Team Statistics

All Divisions are not created equal!

An analysis of the teams that qualified for the Western Mass Division One Tournament, how they got there, who they played against, and how they fared in those competitions.

A teams “Strength of Schedule” and “division” had a direct bearing on its ability to qualify for the 2015 tournament.





City of Chicopee Varsity Sport Programs.

An analysis of the “Strength of Schedule” for various City of Chicopee Varsity sports programs.

The Chicopee Boys Soccer program plays 44% of its games against teams in the Top Division in Western Mass!

The percentage number is generated from the number of games played against teams in the “Top Division” for that particular sport in relationship to the teams entire overall schedule.

Data complied from Masslive.




City of Chicopee 2015 Fall Sports Participation Rates

The following participation rates are based on total school population enrollment figures.

The boys participation rate is lower than the overall participation rate since more girls participate in sports than do boys.


Chicopee High School:

316 overall fall registrations; boys & girls. (958 total students)

Of those only 90% follow through and participate/finish the season. Based on a total school enrollment of 958 students (October 1), that is an estimated 30% participation rate.


Chicopee Comp:

416 overall fall registrations; boys & girls. (1,478 students)

Of those only 90% follow through and participate/finish the season. Based on a total school enrollment of roughly 1478 students (October 1) that is an estimated 25% participation rate.

Participation data provided by the Chicopee Athletic Department



Chicopee Soccer = Winners!

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