Chicopee Soccer History Revealed!

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New Chicopee Soccer History Discovery!

New Chicopee Soccer History Discovery!

Established: 1908!

As a result of extensive Project-Chicopee research, it has been discovered that the origins of the Chicopee High School Soccer program dates back to the year 1908!  FIFTY years EARLIER than previously believed!!!

Primary Source documents have revealed that the Chicopee High School Boys Soccer program played competitively from 1908 – 1915 (possibly even earlier–research is ongoing)!  The Program was re-started in 1956 with the help of the Westover Air Force Base Catholic Chaplin and dedicated Chicopee adults led by Alfred Allen.

In 1956 the sport of soccer was revived as a club team and then Like a Phoenix, the Chicopee High School Varsity Soccer Program roared back to life in 1958!


The next video edition of Project-Chicopee will delve much deeper into this extraordinary discovery as well as the complete history of the Chicopee High School Boys Soccer Program!

Stay Tuned!!


Chicopee Soccer—Established in 1908!!



Watch Episode One of Project-Chicopee

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