Core Values

Pride, Honor, Respect!  

Those three words represent what it means to be a Chicopee High School Soccer Player.


• We believe that you can win a game and still be a loser,

and that you can lose a game and still be a winner.

It’s all about how a player and team approach the “game” that matters.

• Our goal is to be a winner regardless of the score-line when final whistle blows to end the match.

• We work hard because we want to, not because we have to!

Chicopee Soccer Core Values

We Unconditionally Support Each Other.
Our actions show that, first and foremost, we care for each other as human beings.

Our Commitment Is Our Foundation for Success.
Our commitment to each other’s success and the team’s success will overcome any obstacle.
We Display Individual Leadership.
We are not afraid to express our thoughts and beliefs, to share and chase our
dreams, and to take risks in doing so.
We Do Something Every Day To Improve Ourselves or Our Team.
Whether it be an extra sprint in team fitness, training when no one is watching, providing encouragement
to teammates, or making positive life choices, we will do something every day
to improve ourselves as soccer players and people.
We Work Hard In School.
We understand that a quality education is the key to unlock the door to the American Dream. 
Therefore, our goal is to be the best that we can possibly be in the classroom.
We Are Accountable For Our Actions.
We accept responsibility for our own actions and hold each other accountable for our choices


CHS Soccer Player Priority Guidelines

 1. God

2. Family

3. School

4. Chicopee Soccer

5. Everything Else!



We ALWAYS Strive To Be Number One! ALWAYS!

We ALWAYS Strive To Be Number One! ALWAYS!



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