The Cup!


Chicopee Soccer Cup

Holding The Chicopee Cup


A Brief History of “The Cup” Competition.

“The Cup” was placed in storage after the 1983 soccer season due
to a disagreement over the winner that year. Chicopee and Comp
played each other twice in 1983. The Comp team thought they should
have won the “Cup” since they won the Regular Season and League
game by a score of 2-1. Chicopee High thought they should have
won the “Cup” because they won an “independent” game earlier in
the season by a score of 7-3. The Total Combined Goals rule favored
Chicopee High’s Claim to the “Cup”. The “Cup” was placed in the
Chicopee High School Archive Vaults after that match.
Although the teams continued to compete for the next 22 years,
the “Cup” was forgotten and lost to history. Comp graduate and
Chicopee High School Soccer Coach Dan Chagnon dug the “Cup”
out of the Chicopee High School Archive Vaults and brought the
“Chicopee Rover’s Challenge Cup” competition back to prominence
in 2005!

The Chicopee Rover’s Challenge Cup

“Emblematic of Soccer Supremacy between Chicopee High and Chicopee Comp

Home and Home – Total goals scored.

2016: Chicopee 1 – Comp 0

2015: Chicopee 2 – Comp 1

2014: Chicopee 1 – Comp 0

2013: Comp 3 – Chicopee 2

2012: Chicopee 3 – Comp 0

2011: Chicopee 0 – Comp 0

2010: Chicopee 4 – Comp 1

2009: Comp 1 – Chicopee 0

2008: Chicopee 3 – Comp 1

2007: Chicopee 2 – Comp 0

2006: Chicopee 2 – Comp 0

2005: Chicopee 1 – Comp 0

1983: Chicopee 8 – Comp 5

1982: Comp 3 – Chicopee 1

1981: Comp 5 – Chico0pee 2

1980: Chicopee 0 – Comp 0

1979: Chicopee 12 – Comp 3


1977: Chicopee 4 – Comp 3

1976 Comp 4 – Chicopee 4

1975 Comp 6 – Chicopee 3

1974: Comp 2 – Chicopee 1


The Chicopee Rover’s F.C.

The Chicopee Rover’s Football Club was a Semi-Pro soccer team comprised of outstanding soccer alumni from Chicopee High School and Chicopee Comprehensive High School. The team was formed and coached by legendary Chicopee High School Soccer Coach Bob Churchill. The team was based in Chicopee, Massachusetts, and called Brooks Field its home. The Chicopee Rover’s were dominant throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s in the Massachusetts State Soccer scene, winning numerous League, State, and Challenge Cup Championships. The Chicopee Rover’s also successfully competed in competitions such as the U.S. Open Cup. The U.S. Open Cup dates back to 1914 and is the oldest Cup competition in The United States, and is among the oldest in the world! During the late 1980’s the Chicopee Rover’s became the St. Mike Rover’s. The St. Mike Rover’s F.C. continued the great tradition of Chicopee soccer and provided a platform for Chicopee Soccer Players to perform well into the 1990’s.


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